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21 thoughts on “Book Your Classes

  1. Catriona says:

    Good morning! Me and a friend are looking into booking a Beginners class, neither of us have pole danced before so we are looking for a Beginners 1 class. Would you recommend that our first class be ‘Beginner 1 Tricks’ or ‘Beginner Power Pole’? What is the difference between them?


  2. Jennifer Bohill says:

    My name is Jenny, I am moving up to Huntly from Falkirk and looking for near-by pole fitness classes. I am due to move up in September but would like to start pole almost immediately. My works going to be in Westhill. So I have a few questions re classes and logistics..

    Do you have parking? ( I’m guessing I will need to drive)
    Is there a long waiting list or should I be able to fit in? I think I’m intermediate level (can do things like butterfly, D, poison, climb, side climb (badly) and superman, etc),
    I currently also do stretch class, which I’m enjoying a lot. I see you have a stretch class too, do you do discount for multiple classes?
    I also broke my ankle and leg recently (still on crutches atm) I should be back to full strength by the time I move up/start my new job. But if not are you able to work around injuries both at stretch and pole?

    Sorry for all the questions! Hopefully hear back and see you when I move up.



    • rittisoncco says:

      Dear Jenny,

      Thanks for getting in touch! We’re delighted you’ll be moving nearby and are contemplating attending classes with us.

      There is parking available on our street (James Street), but it’s only for free after 6:00pm, Monday – Saturday and free all day Sunday. However, there are small and larger parking lots at walking distance, such as Mearns Street (around the corner from us) or at the Union Square parking lot (5 minutes walking).

      Regarding the class capacity: are classes are set to a maximum of 10 participants, but not everyone can attend all the classes at their level throughout the week, so you should be fine! We do ask that you register for each class online via our website (you can do this under “Book Your Classes”) as this reserves your space.

      Our pole instructors have said it should not be a problem to work around injuries in their classes. We would, however, like to suggest that you begin with a pole tricks class, as the routine classes could place increasing pressure on the same places (potentially, on your injury), whereas a tricks class, will not only ease you back into pole dancing after an injury, but also help you work different parts of your body and you can, of course, sit out every now and then to rest. Although some of the moves you named are indeed at Intermediate level, we would like to suggest that you begin with us at Beginner Progression (level 2), as we would like you to be safe as you re-initiate your training. This way we can help your body get used to the intensity of training again, and if you find the level too easy, you can always move up.

      Our stretch classes are on our loyalty card, which means that every 5th class is for free. Simply ask for your card when attending the class, which you will receive from the instructor, Theo. He will also be able to advise you regarding placing pressure on injuries during stretch. When you attend your first class, simply let him know, so that he can best advise you. Alternatively, he would be happy if you wished to have a quick visit for him to assess whether the injury is easy to work around – this would save you paying for a class that your injury may not be totally ready for.

      Alternatively, we do run Aerial Yoga classes which include both core strengthening as well as a stretching style that places a lot less pressure on joints. We feel this to be the safer stretching style for post-injury students, if this would interest you?

      We hope this helps! Please do get in touch if you have any more questions.

      All the Best,
      The Inverted Team


      • Ginny Bayman says:

        Hi. I would like to book my 2 children in for your Saturday class they are 8 and 10 years
        They triexoutyour tester day. Nelly and Martha.

        And I would like to start beginners silk.

        Warmest Regards


      • rittisoncco says:

        Hello Ginny, We’re very happy to welcome you and your children to our studio for our classes! Unfortunately we cannot book you in automatically so we ask that you save your slot by booking via the Booking page on our website. This will require you to create a free account and will inform you of everything you need to wear etc on the day. If you have any problems, please email us!

        All the Best,
        The Inverted Team


  3. Geraldine says:


    I would love to start the aeriel yoga classes but can’t seem to find any when I go on to the booking page for next week.



    • rittisoncco says:

      Hi Geraldine, thanks so much for getting in touch. The reason you can’t see them for next week is that our aerial yoga instructor is away on holiday at the moment! She’ll be back the week after, though, so feel free to reserve your spot 😁


    • rittisoncco says:

      Hi Yvonne! For all our adult classes you’d need to be minimum 18 years old, or 16 with parental consent. The kids aerial class is from ages 10-16/18. Feel free to let us know what classes you are interested in and how old you are, as We’re happy to help!


    • rittisoncco says:

      Hello Katie, thanks for getting in touch! Our Beginner Aerial classes on Wednesdays 7:15-9:15pm and Saturday morning 11:15-1:15pm are both for beginners! Please feel free to book into the class time that suits you best. In these classes you’ll get to experience both trapeze and silks, with the later possibility to specialise in either (or both!). Our instructors will walk you through all the basics so it’s completely for beginners. If you have any more questions, please get in touch again!


  4. sophia burke says:

    Hello! I was thinking about taking acrobatic and flexibility classes because I am interested in contortion. I am not totally stiff but I can’t do the splits yet and I can’t hold myself still in a handstand. I am trying to work on these things but I am very amateur! So my question is, are the classes too advanced for someone like myself to take? What classes should I be taking if any?
    Thank you!


    • rittisoncco says:

      Hello Sophia, thanks for getting in touch. If you’re keen on learning, you’re in the right place! Our classes cater from beginner to advanced, and our instructors will be flexible to work with you at your personal level, and help you advance at your own pace. The flexibility classes will certainly help with the splits, and our director Theo is also very interested in contortion, so if you catch his Sunday flexibility class, feel free to chat to him about your aspirations. The acro classes are partner-based acrobalance classes, so while they do work on handstands & overall strengthening, you’ll be doing a lot of partner-based work in this class. If you’d like to focus on handstands, we can recommend our handbalancing classes on Fridays 6-8pm. You don’t need to be able to do a handstand for these classes; you need to be keen to learn! They are for complete beginners to more advanced.

      We hope this helps! If you have any more questions, please contact us again, we’re here to help 😃


  5. blueberrygeek says:

    Ah thank you so much, that really helps! I meant the handstand as an example of my very limited acrobatic ability, I hope to be able to do many more things acro and contortion-wise further down the line 🙂 It all sounds very interesting, thank you for your help!


  6. Michael Riedler says:

    Hello Inverted! I’d like to buy a voucher für an aerial silk class, It’s a christmas-present for my daughter, who is a student in Aberdeen. Please send me your prices and your account-number, so I can send yout the money.(paypal, if possible),

    Sincerely Michael Riedler
    Groebentalweg 5
    6070 Ampass


    • rittisoncco says:

      Dear Michael, thank you so much for your call yesterday. We’d be delighted to offer a series of vouchers for your daughter. The options we have are: £11.25 for one aerials class, £37.5 for a one-month aerials membership, and £75 for a two-month membership. This includes the 25% student discount, which would apply as your daughter is a student in Aberdeen. With the aerials membership, she’d be able to attend Level 1 classes in silks and trapeze, and Aerial Hoop classes, as she wishes. We also offer open sessions on Saturdays, for which there are 2 options: if you want to buy her 2 weeks (6 hours) worth of open session, it’s £30. 12 hours (1 month) worth of open session is: £50.

      Please feel free to email us at:

      We hope we could help and we look forward to creating the unique voucher for your daughter!


  7. Erica Nelson says:

    Hi there,
    I’d like to attend some beginner aerial hoop classes but I can only see one class for aerial hoop on a Friday, are there any more classes throughout the week as unfortunately I cannot attend that class due to other commitments,
    Thank you for your time


    • rittisoncco says:

      Hi Erica, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately at the moment we only offer aerial hoop on Friday due to our instructors’ availability. We’re so sorry! Can we perhaps interest you in another aerial class?


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