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Finding the right class can be tricky, so here is a comprehensive list of everything we offer. If you’re not sure which level best suits you, just send us an email (below) with some information about your sporty experiences (if any; complete beginners are welcome!) and we will find the best level for you to try out. Students receive 15% discount.

All classes have a minimum of 3 students. If the minimum, is not reached, class will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund. Kids classes exclude from the above rule.

For our complete timetable, click this link timetable 2021

Not sure which class you would enjoy? Just book a “Drop-In” class to test it out!

For the aerial classes, we are now introducing “Aerial Fundamentals” as prerequisite prior to any beginner aerial silks, hoop or trapeze. This class is perfect for beginners that have no previous experience with any of the above disciplines and will go through the basics before you are ready to commit to the apparatus of your choice.

All our classes use certified equipment and are run by qualified instructors.

Acrobalance (All Levels)

AcroLearn all the crazy, fun things you can do when your only training equipment is your body!

Acrobatic classes involve static & dynamic moves on the floor, with a partner, and with the group. We learn to work as a team as we learn how to spot correctly, prevent injury, and the importance of dialogue.

Learn to trust yourself; learn to trust others – and get to know your body in a whole new way.

Drop-In Price:  £12  |  4-Pack:  £42  |  8-Pack:  £78

Aerial Hoop (Beginners & Intermediate)


Have you ever dreamt of flying above the ground? Dreaming is for the romantic people; daring is for you! Aerial hoop will build up your upper body strength, core and flexibility.

You will also be given the chance to express yourself in choreographies and interact with others in doubles. Your dream – our goals!

Drop-In Price:  £18   |  4-Pack:  £68   |  8-Pack: £115

Aerial Silks (Beginners, Improvers & Intermediate)

xq9a6421aWhat if I told you: anyone can do this?  Just give yourself the chance!

Our aerial silks classes are catered from absolute beginners to intermediate progression, so if you ever wanted to fly, now is the best time!

Beginning with the various ways to climb, to drops, to choreographies and even vertical theater method, these classes will give you aches in muscles you never knew you had, and an intense passion for aerial dance. We’ll build up your core, upper body strength and flexibility too.

Our disclaimer: you’ll probably get addicted.

Drop-In Price:  £18  |  4-Pack for all Levels:  £68   |  8-Pack for all Levels:  £115

Aerial Yoga (All Levels)
IMG_9196a.JPGAerial yoga is a playful way to practice yoga using a low hanging fabric slung like a hammock.

The weightlessness allows for deeper stretches & greater freedom of movement whilst building core strength – twice the benefit for half the effort! Poses that would otherwise be restricted become more accessible, making this a great class for all levels – irrespective of experience.

Best of all: the fun class stimulates the release of ‘happy hormones’ with opportunity to perhaps perfect any ‘Spiderman’ moves’!

Drop-In Price:  £12  |  5-Pack:  £50

Circus Movement Classes  (Ages 18 months-3 years old, 3-5, 5-8)


We have a wonderful team of experienced instructors with the lead instructor Elsie Liontou for our Circus Movement kids classes.

Our classes consist of a wide variety of fun activities, learning the basics for exercising in the circus. Perfect if you want to have a circus influence in your little one’s childhood!

We use equipment such as tunnels, gymnastic mats, juggling balls, balance mats, hula hoop and skipping ropes but most importantly circus apparatuses such as aerial silks, hammock, trapeze, aerial hoop, rope and pole. Our classes rotate every two weeks between two rooms to offer variety of activities so our little friends will never get bored!

Through imaginative play, games and physical activities children will learn about body awareness, movement, listening, coordination and creativity.

3 classes available: ages 18 months-3 years old (attending with a parent), 3-5 years old and ages 5-8 years old

Drop-In Price:  £8  |  Fixed Term:  £45+ (according to number of weeks)

Kids Circus Classes (8-11 and 12-18 years old)

charlotte 3

To follow with the Circus Movement kids classes, kids from 8-18 cold join our kids Circus classes for a more structured class using all apparatuses.

Escape with the Circus and you will get the full experience of learning how to fly with us! Our qualified instructors will teach your kids with safety how to be on apparatuses like aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial yoga and pole!
The class will alternate each week so there is a mix of experience gained, alternating between aerial silks, aerial hoop, aerial yoga/hammock and pole fitness.

Our older kids classes are split in two age groups, 8-11 and 12-18.

Drop-In Price:  £12  |  Fixed Term:  £60+ (according to number of weeks)

Hula Hoop (All Levels)


Instructor Rach loves way that Hula Hooping can keep you fit and trim while at the same time always smiling.

She says: “It’s the cardio workout you won’t even realise you’re doing” and her mantra is: “Hooping makes you happy”.

If there is one thing that Rach loves is to pass on her passion and the hoop love. *and yes the jokes are endless!*

Drop-In Price:  £8.5

Pole Dance & Pole Fitness (Beginners to Elite)

Pole dance is an elegant, sexy and certainly cheeky way of getting fit with varying dance styles, regular competitions on an international scale and even a petition to make it an Olympic sport. These classes will strengthen your upper body and core; as well as develop your flexibility and dance skills.

Our Pole Dance Choreography classes (8 week blocks) will teach you new moves, combinations and floor-work based around a beautiful routine, which can be presented to family & friends at our showcases at the end of each course.

As these classes come in 8 week blocks, commitment is required if you want to learn the full routine. If you come in halfway through the 8 week block, you will only learn half of the routine. You can, however, speak to your instructor about having private catch-up classes!

Our Pole Fitness Tricks classes revolve around teaching and perfecting singular moves and combinations. These classes can be used as extra training for those struggling with a move or two in our Choreography classes, or can be taken as stand-alone classes for those who feel that they are not yet ready for learning a routine.

Pole dancing is suitable for both men and women and caters for all styles of dance from contemporary, gymnastic, sexy to theatrical.

Drop-In Price:  £12   |  4-Pack:  £40  |  8-Pack:  £76  |  Open Sessions 5-Pack:  £28

Static Trapeze (Beginners, Beginners Progression & Intermediate)


Come with me and learn how to fly! Our trapeze classes offer the variation of working with the ropes and the bar, while building your core, upper body strength and flexibility.

These classes will focus on figures at first, progressing to more complex routines, choreography improvisation and duo work. Our trapeze instructor will encourage the accuracy of figures, elegance and your individual ideas. Classes are suitable for complete beginners to intermediate students.

Drop-In Price:  £18   |  4-Pack:  £68   |  8-Pack: £115

Flexibility (All Levels)

cropped-51545783_372448026886342_7295415879729152000_n.jpgThis class is for everyone: from the stiff to the scary-bendy. We begin with a thorough mobility-based warm up before continuing into the progressive stretching section, which will involve a mix of different stretching styles inspired by yoga, contortion, and physiotherapy.

This class will improve your all-round performance in any of the other Inverted classes you may be taking; or taken as a solo class, will improve your posture, strength, flexibility and hopefully, also increase your understanding of your own body.

Drop-In Price:  £12 |  4-Pack:  £40

14 thoughts on “Classes & Prices

    • rittisoncco says:

      Hello Nicole, thanks so much for writing. At the moment the Beginner classes for silks are on Wednesdays, 7:15-9:15pm. It’s strange you couldn’t find them on our online booking system! Did you click on the external link that takes you to the calendar? These classes run all summer, and we may have some daytime classes as well in August! We hope this helps!


  1. Eve Nicol says:

    Hi i was just wondering if you have to book in advance for your classes? Me and two of my friends are interested in coming along next week to try aerial yoga and your hula hoop class also.
    Thanks x

    Liked by 1 person

    • rittisoncco says:

      Hello! Our deepest apologies for this late response: some of our team has been on a summer break! But we are back now and in full swing. To answer your question: yes, we do ask for students to book in advance just so that our instructors know you’re coming and can make a lesson plan for the number of people who come. We also have a 24 hour refund policy, so if you cancel 24 hours before the class is due to begin, you receive a full refund from us! We hope this helps? Feel free to get in touch again if you have any more questions, and we will reply quicker!


  2. Amanda brown says:

    Hi the hip hop and street dance says for all abilities but was wondering what age this is for. Would my self and my daughter who is 9 1/2 be able to attend together?


    • rittisoncco says:

      Hello Amanda, thanks so much for getting in touch. We just checked back with our instructor Sol, who is quite fascinated by the idea and is more than happy to give it a try! These classes were on a summer break and will restart on the 16th September. In future they will be on Fridays, 7:15-8:45pm. Is this too late for children?


  3. Kate says:

    Hello, I am interested in aerial skills and I am complete beginner. If I buy the monthly membership, which sessions would I be able to attend? Wednesday 7.15pm and Sunday 3pm? Just these two?


    • rittisoncco says:

      Hello Kate! Thanks for getting in touch. As a complete beginner, you are more than welcome to attend classes without buying a membership and when you have decided that you love it and want to commit, you are more than welcome to buy a membership! We just wanted to add this, as we are aware that some gyms require you to have a membership before you begin. We at Inverted want our students to get to know the circus skill before they commit. If, however, you are happy to go ahead and buy a membership (yay!), then you will be able to attend the Level 1 classes on Wednesday, as the class on Sunday is for Level 2. With the membership, however, you can also attend the 3 hour open sessions on Saturdays, which are in place so students can practise all that they learnt in class, meet the other aerialists and hang out! Without a membership, attending the open sessions is £5/hour. We hope this helps!! If you have any more questions, please feel free to get in touch!


    • rittisoncco says:

      Hello Connie! Our classes are at our residence on 15 James Street. We have a former warehouse / office over two floors for our circus antics. Our postcode is AB11 5AP; we’re right beside the harbour.


  4. Jed Welsh says:


    Me and two friends were interested in taking some dance classes with yourselves. I saw you have Dance Fusion starting shortly and also read in the comments there is a Hip Hop and Street Dance class starting on Friday 16th September.

    Could you please let me know when the Dance Fusion class begins/what days and times it will take place and advise me as to how me and my friends can book into the Street Dance and Hip Hop Class?

    I was also interested in the Handbalancing and Conditioning but couldn’t see this on the online booking form either. Could you advise as to when this takes place too?



    • rittisoncco says:

      Hello Jed! I believe we spoke on the phone today so I trust your query has been answered! If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us again, or find us & message us on Facebook under Inverted: Circus and Pole Fitness 🙂


  5. Ashleigh says:

    Hi, I think one of your classes would appeal for a family member’s Christmas gift-do you do vouchers for a monetary amount or a block of a specific class etc to be valid for a given period? Tried to message on your FB page but it won’t let me send a pm. Thanks.


    • rittisoncco says:

      Hi Ashleigh, thanks for getting in touch! We usually offer vouchers for a a number of classes, depending on what you’re looking for, but you decide on the number and choice of classes. It can be mix and match! If FB didn’t work, try emailing us: if you have a list of the classes you’d like to include, please let us know, and we can see what we can do!


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