Covid-19 update!

As you are already aware, due to Covid-19, Inverted is officially closed since Friday 20th of March until further notice.

This doesn’t mean we cannot train! We will offer online classes and scheduled live sessions to keep everyone fit and happy!

Online membership is £20 fix price and students will gain access to online videos and scheduled live sessions at no extra cost. We will do our best to include exercises that target certain muscle groups each time to keep everyone fit and ready for flying with us again once we are open! Sessions will include conditioning/strengthening and flexibility/stretching. You can purchase your membership through our normal go team up page here: online membership

After purchasing the membership, please email us with your facebook name so e can add you to the facebook group.

The purpose of the above membership is purely to be able to pay our bills and support our instructors so Inverted stays open. We are very grateful for the support we received from all our students so far and we are so happy to have you in our family.

Hope everyone stays safe till this journey ends. Let’s stay together. See you online!

The Inverted Team