Covid-19 update!


We are excited to announce that our doors will re-open on Monday the 26th of April! This will initially be for individual training so if you would like to book in for a private 1:1 class, please get in touch with us and we can help you get this booked with us. With the government roadmap out of lockdown, we are currently looking at the 17th of May when normal group classes will resume. 

We are taking all the appropriate measures to make sure everyone is safe for returning to the studio following all the rules according to the Government. 

Please watch our induction video below for coming back to our studio in order to be prepared.

Some house rules:

  • Please enter the studio one person at a time close to the scheduled time of your class wearing a mask
  • Leave your shoes on the racks provided outside the training area
  • Do not enter the teaching space unless the sign says so
  • Upon arrival, please use the hand sanitiser provided
  • Please, leave all your belongings in the boxes provided and close the lid. Water bottles to remain in the boxes
  • You can keep or remove your mask while training
  • You will be asked to keep your distance when not wearing a mask and you will be allocated equipment and space to work on
  • If you need to use the communal areas, please wear your mask
  • After using the toilets, please clean after yourself

Your instructor can help you with any questions and if you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you enjoy and welcome everyone back!

The Inverted Team